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Cosmetic Treatments

Having healthy white teeth adds to your overall look. This can boost your confidence and change your social and professional life for the better. Sunny Isles Dental performs an extensive range of dental cosmetic treatments that will help restore your teeth and help you to achieve the attractive smile you have always desired.

We assess the needs of our patients individually and then proceed to formulate a custom solution based on our professional assessment. This way we can guarantee that our solution will address your problems and fulfil your expectations.

We use the latest cutting edge technology in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. George Georgiev is a highly qualified dentist, who has performed these procedures and has a track record of patients content with his work.

Our Cosmetic treatments include:

Using the latest technology, teeth can be repaired, whitened and straightened for a more youthful smile. Dr. George assesses each of his patient’s dental needs and proceeds to provide a tailored solution that addresses problems such as:

  • Discoloured or yellow teeth.
  • Crooks and gaps on your tooth.
  • Teeth that are chipped off or broken.
  • Uneven teeth.

The way your smile looks can affect the way other people see you; a person with a beautiful smile is shown to be more successful professionally and in social settings. With your new smile, you’ll have the confidence you need to smile around family, friends, colleagues, and even during that next job interview.

If you want that enviable attractive smile, call Sunny Isles Dental today on (305) 330-6609and schedule an appointment.

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