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Teeth, just like any other organ, need constant care and maintenance. However with repeated use, teeth decay and wear out and simple fillings won’t bring back your smile. If you are in this conundrum, do not fret. At Sunny Isles Dental, we will help revive your bright smile with permanent dental crowns and bridges, which can last for many years. We use porcelain materials for our dental crowns and bridges procedures to ensure a healthy outcome and maximum aesthetic appeal. Each restoration is tailored to match your teeth to ensure that it blends well with your natural smile.


Porcelain crowns are used to cap or cover a tooth which has been damaged from decay, older large fillings and fractures. Aside from fixing damaged teeth, crowns can also be used to improve a tooth’s shape, alignment and overall appearance. For the dental procedure, the damage to the tooth is removed and then the tooth is reshaped and then prepared for the attachment of the crown. A permanent crown that matches your teeth is engineered in our dental laboratories and then attached onto the already reshaped tooth. A tooth repaired with a crown can function just as well as a real one.


If you are missing one or more teeth, there is a great and simple solution for you.It comes in the form of dental bridges. Bridges span the empty space between missing teeth. Bridges can be likened to 3 or 4 crowns that have been fused together with the end crowns being functional. Your healthy natural teeth support the ends, while the pontic crowns remain suspended between the teeth therefore filling in the gap and restoring your smile.


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