Dental Implants

Dental Implants for a New You

If you have a missing tooth, either due to gum disease, decay or accident, dental implants could be a solution for you. A dental implant procedure is one of the most sought after solutions for missing teeth.

It is considered to be the most ideal and natural replacement to missing teeth. You can have all your teeth replaced with dental implants. Dr. George is a highly qualified dentist, who has restored hope for many of his patients, through a minimalist approach.

Permanent Tooth Replacement Option:

Patients who have had dental implants will testify that the implants feel and function like normal teeth. The teeth are implanted onto the jaw bone. The root is made of titanium. Titaniumis used because it does not interfere with bone formation. This strengthens the implants and makes them easier to use.

The Implants Can Support:

  • Single crowns
  • Multi-tooth dental bridges
  • Low-profile dentures

This solution is ideal for people with dentures. It is also perfect for those seeking a full restoration of the upper or lower set of teeth.

The minimalist approach makes the procedure faster and less intrusive. Full dentures can be mounted on just 4 implants. This reduces the space they take in the mouth. Chewing food becomes natural. Dental implants are very strong so you can go back to enjoying your favourite foods.

Complete Implant Treatment from Start to Finish

Unlike most dentists who only perform implant restorative treatment, Dr. George performs the complete procedure from start to finish. As a highly qualified dentist, he can reliably perform dental implant placement, abutment installation, and the provision of your fixed prosthesis. Under the care of Dr. George, you can be sure the process will be performed professionally and reliably.

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