Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic Therapy (Root canals)

Restoring Your Tooth from the Inside Out

Damage to the nerves supplying blood to your teeth tends to occur when bacteria or physical trauma affect the pulp tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth. While in some cases, people don’t experience any symptoms from their damaged teeth, in the case of endodontic damage; there are often one or more signs that are experienced.

Classical symptoms of teeth that might need endodontic therapy include:

  • Pain while chewing.
  • Dental abscesses.
  • Large tooth areas with decay or fractures.
  • Hot and cold sensitivity.
  • Gradual discoloration of the problematic tooth or teeth.

The most effective way to salvage the damaged tooth or teeth is to treat the nerve thereby preventing any infection from forming in the pulp or abscesses. Failure to treat teeth with infections or endodontic damage can result in loss of the teeth in their entirety or even worsen the spread of the infection to other soft tissues and other teeth.

What is a root canal?

Endodontic therapy is also commonly referred to as a ‘root canal’. The dental procedure itself involves removing any decay or damage to the tooth, as well as any tissue within the tooth that has been infected. The tooth’s inner chamber is also thoroughly cleaned and some filling material is put into the chamber before preparing the tooth for a crown.

Comfort and Convenience.

At Sunny Isles dental your comfort is of utmost importance. We take all the necessary steps in order to ensure maximum comfort and peace of mind to our patients without referring any of them to another endodontic dental facility.

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