Oral Exams

Early diagnosis approach for minimal and affordable treatment options

Our approach to dentistry is one that is committed to keeping teeth healthy, and catching needs such as cavities when they are as small as possible. By doing this, we can make treatments such as fillings as small as possible, protecting teeth and keeping the cost of care down for our patients.

Comprehensive dental examinations for new and existing patients

Every new patient, and every 3 years after that, Dr. George performs a comprehensive head, neck, and oral examination. This provides a thorough baseline recording for the development and screening of pathology that affects the mouth, head, and neck of the patient. Included in the exam is an assessment of occlusion, TMJ function, lymph tissues, and screening for abnormal anatomy. Accompanying this comprehensive exam is typically a full mouth series of x-rays, or panoramic x-ray.

Periodic examinations.

At every preventive care visit, we conduct a periodic examination to screen for new oral developments and assess any areas that were being watched at the previous exam. The exam is usually performed after our hygienist has cleaned the patient’s teeth, making it easier for suspicious areas to be visible and for our hygienists to pre-screen for areas of concern.

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