Surgical and Emergency Extractions

We understand that our patients would rather keep their teeth. However, there are situations that will demand that the tooth be extracted. These situations may be prompted by factors such as extreme pain, decay and or an impacted wisdom tooth. These are some of the examples that will lead us to recommend tooth extractions after a professional assessment of the problem.

We specialize in providing full teeth extractions. We can do this while ensuring that the process is comfortable and free from any complications. We can perform the following procedures using a professional approach that guarantees comfort.

  • Simple extraction: Removal of the tooth by loosening the gum and careful extraction.
  • Surgical extraction: A surgical extraction may be done if the tooth breaks off but the roots still remain attached to the underlying bone.
  • Impacted tooth: If the tooth has only started growing out of the gum.
  • Wisdom tooth: Wisdom teeth may need to be extracted if there is an infection, or if it causes overcrowding.

Comfort first.

At Sunny Isles Dental, we are aware of how important comfort is to you. We use traditional and modern anesthetics to ensure that the procedure is painless. Dr. George will take time to ensure that you are comfortable. Only then will he proceed to perform the extraction while still making sure you remain relaxed throughout the process.

After the Extraction:

We always pay attention to our patients during and after the extraction process. After the tooth is successfully extracted, we ensure that we provide a detailed home care plan. This improves the chances of a full and fast recovery. We also involve our patients in choosing the tooth extraction options to ensure we give them the right plan of action.

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