Nightguards and Bite guards for Bruxism.

Abnormal grinding and clenching can cause tooth enamel to be worn down prematurely. This leaves teeth with flat, sharp edges, and the potential to develop complications such as gum disease, TMJ disorders, migraines, and even damage to their existing dental restorations. A professionally fitted nightguard helps eliminate these complications and prevent strain of the muscles in the head and neck, also allowing for a better night’s rest.

What makes a custom guard better than an over the counter guard?

We want our patients to understand the difference between the guards we provide at Sunny Isles Dental, and the stock guards that are available at retail stores. For one, our guards provide a truly customized fit. This allows the guard to snap on securely, and stay in place the entire night, no matter how much strain is placed on the acrylic material. The design of the guard helps to re-train the way the jaws fit together during rest, diminishing muscle strain and stress. Acrylic material also allows the guard to last for years, rather than the soft, pliable material that can quickly be worn through and is used to make stock size guards.

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