TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (“TMJ” or “TMJD”) Therapy

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Neuromuscular TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition that affects joints and chewing muscles. Its symptoms include: muscle pain, headaches and migraines, which spread all the way to the neck, shoulders and head area. If the condition is not attended to, it can cause joint damage and a problem in the way the jaw functions. The disease is also known as TMJD or TMJ. There are many methods used to deal with the condition, but research has found out that non-invasive ways are the best to use due to their high success rate.

The Process

We use bite splints to reduce the weight on your jaw muscles. This also helps to reduce the pain felt on the jaw muscles and joints that help while moving your jaws. A bite splint is a ‘hard plastic wafer’ worn on the upper teeth. To ensure it remains in place, the splints have clasps which are attached to the teeth. They can be worn at any time either during the day or at night. The first time you wear them, they may feel uncomfortable, but you get used to them with time.

After a week, the splints will feel like a part of you. The splints are made to fit your mouth appropriately. Once you stop using them, they may feel small when you resume. To prevent the unusual feeling, wear them consistently. When you wear the splint, there should be little space between the teeth and your lips should be closed together.

We are results oriented, and we use the best methods to treat our patients.


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